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Portal for the sales industry for extra marketing even extreme trading. Made for dealers, marketing agencies and the advertising indutry. Xtr target: Speed connecting products with potential users. Minimizing the distance between users and solutions they search for. Making customers longterm followers. We are here for brokers, market and sales experts and for solution providers. Dive deeper into marketing and follow our lead in the selling business.
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The world of xtr marketing. While marketing is the medium and not the product itself industrial sales was established since more than 150 years now. Today sales is a product as well. Along with the rise of the internet trading strategies become more and more digital. Some call it social media but from the providers perspective most of these platforms are marketing platforms at the same time. This industry is sided by myths and ideologies like most other non physical services. Let´s concentrate on what brings real win-win for suppliers, sellers and buyers alike without the buzz. Why did Apple become one of the most valuable enterprises in the western world? There must be more than just a great and stylish computer plus thoughtful digital services, right?
Let´s go for the old and new trends in selling great and wanted products. Xtr focuses on todays best practise while the potential buyers become less object. Finding and exploring special, exclusive and even more smart ways to communicate for a reason is what everybody does outside the own home.

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Ever wanted to know the best best marketing manufacturer? Of course not the largest! But there are some giants you can count on nearly everywhere. With GeoFndr you will find : Want a marketing delivery right now? GeoFndr knows what´s up where u r. • Brand names: international / local • Shops w/o sales • Sources : luxury – low-cost – sales

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Experience marketing? Yes, the serious way. Join … No limits ... There are some inspiring stories out there so that we can expand our competences and livestyles. • Stories .. blogs, vlogs .. • Affects: baby, dog .. • Top10 • Inspirations • Test-offers

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Affordable .. brought to you by #xtr. . For some .. and for the most .. . • Cheaper • Meet • Links to studies, .. • Free .. unlimited .. freebie ..

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This industry produces revenues of .. Great niches offer a lot to jump on this train .. • Offer your Equipment & Supply • Known Influencer • Offer events • Partner in marketing • Business class • Advert at xtr

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Want a great starting point with this topic? While you read this on the internet we focus on the real world, on real experiences and individual results for you right where you are. Deeper insights, discounts and an important starting point diving into mainstream and beyond. Fun and facts for your daily life guaranteed.
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Hook in and get your business to a broader audience. Your way to influence the xtr audience is by sharing relevant content by text, audio and video. Our focus: Quality content for real life context.
Ad partners buy plots and sell directly.
Influencers get their xtr.expert stage. Event agencies connect on xtr.agency to their new and old followers.
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